Paper Bag Machine Automatic




The portable paper bag machine folding mechanism includes frame and delivery platform, whose character is: the indentation components are installed on the chassis, indentation components including roller and roller, roller on the installation on the transport of conveying platform, the roller is installed in the transmission platform of transport, on the roller and lower roller are driven by power sources in the same turn angular velocity, on the scroll wheel on horizontal

The outer end of the folding piece is arranged beyond the outer edge of the roller, the outer surface of the roller has a folding groove, the outer end of the folding piece can enter the folding groove of the lower roller;

The frame behind the roller is provided with a flanging component, flanging component comprises a swing block and a flanging block, the swing block is installed on the shaft, the flanging block is installed on the side of the swing block toward the roller, the bottom of the flanging block and the side of the swing block form an Angle, the rotating shaft through the power source drive to achieve rotation;

The rear of the swing block is provided with a blank holder assembly, which comprises a pressure wheel, which is pressed on the conveying platform and driven to rotate by a power source.

According to the folding mechanism of a hand-held paper bag machine provided by the utility model, the folding is finally completed through three processes of indentation, flanging and edge pressing successively. The whole folding work is fully automated, stable and high efficiency, and the folded bag mouth is smooth and beautiful without the phenomenon of crooked edges.



Model JPM-220 JPM-330 JPM-450 JPM-540
Bag Length 150-320mm 225-470mm 210-460mm 320-680mm
Bag Width 80-220mm 120-330mm 220-450mm 250-540mm
Bottom Width 50-120mm 60-180mm 80-220mm 120-260mm
Paper Thickness 50-130g/㎡ 60-160g/㎡ 80-160g/㎡ 90-160g/㎡
Bag Making Speed 30-200pcs/min 30-180pcs/min 30-150pcs/min 30-120pcs/min
Machine Weight 5500kgs 8000kgs 10000kgs 11500kgs
Machine Dimension 9000x3200x1800mm 10500x3700x1900mm 10500x3800x1900mm 10500x3900x1900mm




paper bag sample:-



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