Paper String Rewinding Making Machine


Paper String Rewinding Making Machine is for rewinding small ready-made paper cords/rope/string rolls into big rolls automatically through the way of uncoiling, connecting and rewinding.

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Product description

This paper string rewinding making machine is mainly used with paper rope machine. The rope roll of the paper rope machine is used as the raw material. Through the high-speed rotation of the machine axis, the rope roll is quickly released at one end and rewound at the other end, which can expand the outer diameter of the final roll. The diameter and the inner diameter of the center of the rope roll can also eliminate the possible knotting phenomenon of the original rope roll, so as to ensure that the production efficiency and quality of the paper rope can be greatly improved in the subsequent production.


This paper string rewinding making machine is a special equipment for producing small paper rolls (gift paper, advertising paper, wallpaper, all kinds of wrapping paper) such as hard paper core and soft paper core. Its unwinding adopts air pressure lifting unwinding rack. The rewinding adopts continuous inflation shaft, and the inflation and opening are controlled by computer (the rewinding diameter can be adjusted at will). The cutting adopts a rodless cylinder to automatically cut back and forth. The main control is controlled by a microcomputer, which can automatically count meters and has high automatic operation performance.

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