V bottom food bag making machine


JP Machinery developed the pointy-bottom paper bag machine, which cuts, folds and bonds paper to form the pointy-bottom brown paper bag familiar to consumers today. The paper bag machine will roll primary color paper or printing web paper, such as brown kraft paper, oil paper, white kraft paper and other paper rolls through the piercing, center glue, color calibration length, raw material into the tube, fixed length cutting, bottom folding bottom, bottom glue, bag bottom forming, finished bag finishing at a time.

Food Paper Bag Machine:-


                                   -:Product Introduction:-





1. Suitable for 40-80g paper;

2. Man-machine interface adjusts the length of paper bag;

3.Servo system PLC control a certain range of arbitrary length of the bag;

4 .accurate color standard tracking system;

5 .Material handling adopts pneumatic lifting structure


Model JPM-400 H62c1aaa8e231459895f0ecb5f109a50c3
Paper Grams 40-80g/㎡
Bag Length 160-420mm
Paper Bag Width 70-260mm
Web Feeding Width 260-720mm
Speed 60-400pcs/min
Insert Paper Edge 20-100mm(2M)
Machine Power 6kw
Machine Weight 1800kg
Machine Size 4400x1700x1600mm






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