Eco Friendly Paper Bag Making Machine


This machine can use the rolling paper, which is made of primary color paper or printed to produce square bottom paper bag to one time. This machine can produce various of paper bags, with fast speed, high production efficiency, is an ideal equipment for paper bag production.

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Perfect flat rope handle production process, unique online bag-making function, to meet the production of paper bags and paper bags with flat rope handle demand. This machine has perfect technology, fast production speed, full automation, without too much manual production can produce various forms of high-quality paper bags, especially suitable for food, clothing and other industries.


Model JPM-220 JPM-280 JPM-330 JPM-450 JPM-540
Bag Tube Length 190-370mm 270-530mm 270-530mm 270-530mm 400-770mm
度Bag Length 150-320mm 225-470mm 225-470mm 210-460mm 320-680mm
Bag Width 80-220mm 120-280mm 150-330mm 220-450mm 250-540mm
Bottom Width 50-120mm 60-160mm 60-180mm 80-220mm 120-260mm
Paper Thickness 50-130g/㎡ 60-160g/㎡ 60-160g/㎡ 80-160g/㎡ 90-160g/㎡
Paper Inner Core Diameter ᴓ76mm(3”) ᴓ76mm(3”) 76mm(3”) 76mm(3”) 76mm(3”)
Paper Roll Diameter ᴓ1200mm ᴓ1200mm ᴓ1200mm ᴓ1200mm ᴓ1200mm
Paper Roll Width 280-710mm 380-950mm 450-1050mm 630-1370mm 770-1630mm
Bag Making Speed 30-200pcs/min 30-180pcs/min 30-160pcs/min 30-150pcs/min 30-120pcs/min
Air Source ≥0.12m³/m  0.6Mpa ≥0.12m³/m  0.6Mpa ≥0.12m³/m  0.6Mpa ≥0.12m³/m  0.6Mpa ≥0.12m³/m  0.6Mpa
Power Supply 10kw 12kw 12kw 15kw 18kw
Machine Weight 5500kgs 7000kgs 8000kgs 10000kgs 11500kgs




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