Automatic paper bag making machine price


automatic paper bag making machine price:-


Fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine is designed to produce hand-held square bottom paper bag directly by one-time rolling paper bag machine. The paper bag produced by the machine can be used for batch production of shopping bags in food, clothing and other industries.



The machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface PLC programmable control system, real-time display of working conditions.Fully automatic square bottom paper bag machine is designed for the production of paper bags with twisted handles.It is suitable for mass production of shopping bags in industries such as food and clothing.

The machine is driven by super precision servo motor to ensure the stability of production products.Adjustable bag bottom coating structure, change different coating specification adjustment will become very simple.

Glue coating structure of the glue groove, the glue purchased can be used directly, without the use of glue thickener to improve the viscosity, effectively improve the folding phenomenon of the bottom of the glue coating bag with high viscosity, and the glue coating becomes more uniform.Hob positioning structure, disassembly and assembly become very simple, installation knife no longer need complex adjustment process.

Hob low speed safety cover protection switch, avoid forgetting the danger of high speed operation after the safety cover is opened.The whole cylinder adjustment structure, improve the work efficiency, reduce the rejection rate produced in the adjustment process, save the adjustment time and stability.Accurate color tracking system ensures the accuracy of cutting position of each paper bag printing pattern.Color standard automatic positioning function, eliminating the need to re-adjust the cutting position after changing paper roll, breaking paper and power off.Automatic stop for color standard error, saving precious time and reducing reject rate.

Integral feeding automatic deviation correction system, using double photoelectric switch limit deviation correction, rectification motor does not need to work frequently, reduce energy consumption and improve service life.

Connecting machine automatic feeding (paper) device, feeding only need to touch the switch to easily handle, avoid manual feeding may cause personal injury.




Model XKFD-330T XKFD-450T XKFD-450BT
Cutting Length(Handle) 270-430mm 270-430mm 380-660mm
Bag Width(Handle) 200-330mm 240-450mm 240-450mm
Bottom Width 60-180mm 90-180mm 100-220mm
Paper Thickness(Handle) 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡ 80-150g/㎡
Patch Length 152mm 190mm 190mm
Patch Paper Thickness 100-135g/㎡ 100-135g/㎡ 100-135g/㎡
Production Speed For Bags With Handles 30-150bags/min 30-130bags/min 30-130bags/min
Machine Weight 15000kg 15500kg 16500kg
Machine Size 14000x6000x2400mm 14000x6000x2400mm 16100x6500x2400mm



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